Sunday, September 30, 2007

The cannon: Conception

Like I had said, I was sittin’ around with two of my friends, drinkin’ beer & the conversation came around to firearms & fun. The conversation with those guys almost always does, as they are both class 3 license holders, & have owned MP5’s, real G3’s, Stens, Sterlings, Thompsons, M-4's, & a bunch of other really cool stuff- a myriad compilation of wicked fun guns. All very legal, & all a "blast" to shoot.

ANYway- Ed says "You know, we need a cannon!". This comment met with general agreement. Actually, we were a bit more excited than that, as in "I know where I can get a …" & "I think I’ve got wheels for…" & like that.

Much discussion & further beer drinking followed. Cigars were smoked.

A few days later, while scrounging around in the woods, I found an old piece of farm equipment with trees growing through it. The smaller front wheels were iron, & about 24" in diameter. Pretty rusty- perfect!

I cut the trees & hauled the wheels out of the woods for the basis of the 1857 you see in the picture. Now that the size was determined, I just needed plans & scale.

This will require more beer, cigars, & head scratching.

NEXT: Execution

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