Thursday, October 25, 2007

Collector, Shooter, and/or Hunter???

Reading the November issue of American Rifleman, I came across an article about Larry Potterfield, who all us gunnies will recognize as the president of Midway USA. His observation was that the firearm community is composed of three distinct circles: collectors, shooters, & hunters.

I thought it might be cool to see what we could find out about our group by taking a poll.

Please spread this info around & get others to stop by & take the poll- it would be interesting to find out the composition of the web community in this regard. Perhaps we could use the information gleaned to help us resolve issues within the firearm community.

Without further ado, please vote in the box to the right. This poll will stay up for at least a week, replacing the "Big Boomstick" as top billing.

Please leave any explanatory remarks in the comments.



Sevesteen said...

I've only recently got back into guns. I am primarily interested in self-defense, and carry guns make the majority of our collection. The remainder mostly have a purpose--A 22/45 plinker, and an XD 9mm for cheaper centerfire practice. The only impractical gun is a CZ-52 that I bought because of the interesting roller-locked system, and because surplus ammo for it is still fairly cheap.

I may at some point have a true collection, but I don't ever foresee having a gun I won't shoot.

Dion said...

I am like sevesteen, Back to the gun after 20 odd years. It is nice to see I can still remeber how to shoot and clean my guns. I have only ever purchased one gun that I never shot, an HK4. Great piece that a nice fellow brought over from Germany while in the military.
Anyway, I can't see myself buying a gun that I can't shoot.
Now, I have to get back into reloading again. Good thing I still have all that stuff.

James R. Rummel said...

The activity that takes most of my time (and all of my money) is a charity I started 17 years ago, a self defense course for violent crime survivors.

I listed myself as a "collector/shooter" because I will on occasion purchase a surplus gun to replace one that has worn out. But all of my guns are used in the class, and they on average only last for 4 or 5 years before needing major repairs. (Usually replacement barrels and springs.) None of the guns I buy are for collecting purposes, just work guns.

Although I am proud of my ability to teach new shooters the basics and get them up to speed, I am only a fair shot myself. This is because I don't get much trigger time, concentrating instead on the student when we go to the range. Besides, it takes about 500 rounds of .22 and 300 rounds of .38 or 9mm ammo to get someone who has never touched a gun to get to the point that they can safely defend themselves. The less ammo I use, the more I have for my students.

I have encountered other people like me over the years, people who want to introduce others to our sport. But I don't think we really fit in any category. Maybe one called "mentor".


Hammer said...

I read the article too.

Midway is a top notch outfit.

I'm a collector and target shooter.

DirtCrashr said...

Collector/Shooter (target, not tactical), although to call it a "Collection" or me a "Collector" is to be generous. It's more of a muddled-together accumulation. "Collectors" have a lot more money than I do to spend on their chosen hobby, and many more pristine examples of every type and model, etc.
I haven't been hunting since I was seven yrs. old and shot a bright yellow little twittery bird with a pellet gun. Come to think of it, that was more shooting than hunting - so I've never really been Hunting.
Enjoyable article, I read it too.

doubletrouble said...

Thanks for the input folks. We have a good start on accumulating some real data here. I think the “collector” designation might be a bit pretentious, but you all know what I mean: “guy/lady-with-more-guns-in-safe-than-necessary-but-less-than-(s)he-wants.”
Right now shooter/collector is 2 to 1 over any other category. Let’s get that data! AND, thanks again.