Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gun folks, Knife folks?

Something I’ve noticed… many of the same people who are gunnies are also knife people (what should they be called- knifies, bladies ??).

ANYway, my guess is that those who admire the fine workmanship of a well made gun, & its good fit & finish, appreciate those same qualities of craftsmanship in a well made blade.

I’ve been an accumulator of pointysticks longer that boomsticks, although my fascination with both goes back to when I was a crumb snatcher. Probably the cowboy & Wild West thing.

Mebbe we’re just crazy people who lust for weapons?

That’s probably it.

Blackjack Classic Blades model 1-7 (12" OAL, 7" blade)


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I like 'em.

And I even have a small straight razor collection. Does that count, too?

doubletrouble said...

You betcha JB- I started a razor collection, but it got way too spendy for my cheap bastarge self, so it was abandoned.
Most of my stuff is an accumulation, with the exception of a fairly decent Barlow collection. ‘Twas the first knife my Dad got for me, that's why.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I actually shave with them sometimes, time permitting.

You don't want to shave with them when you're in a hurry...