Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shoot 2007

Usually in the fall of the year, the Mrs. & I host a Shoot ‘n Eat at our sideyard range, which is where all participants bring sumptin’ to eat, & we, well, Shoot ‘n Eat.

This year, as we had a marrying thing to do, the organizational resources were tapped out, so we had just a "Shoot".

No big verbiage, just a couple pics. (click to biggerize & get details)

This (foreground unit) is a Sterling sub-machine gun. It’s 9mm, & the cyclic rate is a thing of beauty, IOW, not too fast to control, I’d say about 120 RPM. (Ed note- it's actually around 550 RPM, it just feels slow because it's controllable). The ergonomics of the gun are just about perfect, the magazine connects & removes like one should, & the whole unit is handsome in fit & finish. Best thing the Brits have produced with the possible exception of M. Thatcher. BTW, my bud Paul at Stateline Gun Shop owns the Sterling. He’s a good guy & a very reputable dealer.

The unit behind the Sterling is a DPMS .308 semi-auto, well tricked out. The owner, Dave, a gunsmith friend, did all the work including the very cool finish. Just don’t drop it in the sand, or you’ll never find it.

This critter is a pair of Ruger 10-22s configured into a Gatling gun. While we had a few fits & starts getting it running, it’s wicked fun to crank off 100 rounds faster that it takes me to type this.
Good fun.
As an added plus, we had three chillen’s who got to learn a little more about guns while having fun doing it. It warms me heart, it does.

Unfortunately, all ended early, as it gets pretty damn dark around here by 1830.

There’s always next year (Jay)…


Jay G said...


You really know how to hurt a guy, dontcha? :)

Well, I continued my unbroken streak of King Richard's Faire attendance. My daughter attended princess academy and spent the rest of the day earning her title. *g*

I had a good day. Very different, but good nonetheless.

Hey, if it's not snowing, I'll have some time around Turkey day to head out...

doubletrouble said...

I can't help it son- it WAS a good time! Any time you're available, you know we're here. Call, then let. us. shoot.

1911 NUTT said...

Hey, It was a great time! Alexander STILL talks about the canon. Good times, good people.