Sunday, November 25, 2007


An observation.

Yesterday, the Mrs. & I picked up some shooting related components that we found on a local "for sale" website. We made an appointment to meet the guy at noon, & ended up being early, as I overestimated our travel time.

There was nobody at the house when we got there, so I called the guy on the cell. He said he was on his way, but his wife would probably get there before him, to let us proceed with the purchase, which required some movement of material prior to the actual transaction.

The wife did indeed arrive home first, but upon meeting us in the driveway, she said,
"You look like nice people and all, but you’re hunters so I know you have guns. I’m not going to let you in the house until (the husband) gets here."

We sat in the truck.

The husband did arrive soon after, & apologized for our wait. We moved the material & made the transaction.

Here’s the thing…

The guy is very upper middle class, as ascertained by the house (one of many McMansions in this development), & the VERY large boat in his yard. He was telling us how the boat is "his escape", as well as his time in the woods. BTW, he was late for our appointment ‘cause he was out hunting.
Which brings me around to the title of this post, Howzzat people like these two end up in the same household?

One’s an apparent freaked out liberal, & the other is a down to earth hunter & fisherman type (& a friendly, upstanding guy, from what I could perceive).

Boy, I’ve still got a lot to learn about the human condition…


Jay G said...

Howzat go? You can't cure stupid...

doubletrouble said...


BTW, nice hat!