Monday, November 5, 2007

The Poll Results are in…

and I don’t think the sample size is adequate to make any real analysis.

There were essentially two polls, the first, only up for three days before it went TU, received 70 votes. The second, up for a week, gathered 42 votes.

Although highly unorthodox in the data analysis environment, in light of the small data set I have combined the two totals to review. In descending order of percentage:

Shooter/Collector 42.9%
Shooter/Hunter 20.5%
All three 18.8%
Shooter only 17.0%
Hunter only .9%
Collector only 0%
Collector/Hunter 0%

Total combined vote total was 112. Incidentally, while it is bad form to combine totals, the percentages pretty much stayed the same as either poll standing alone.

I was looking to verify, as I suspected, that most of the gun type blog readers are Shooters. Additionally, I was anticipating finding out if the "Hunter only" group was as strong on the 2A as "Shooters+" typically are- but I'm not gonna pick on the ONE guy. There is/was much to be learned here about our gunnie community, but alas, when site traffic is counted on yer fingers, data accumulation is difficult.

The "Collector+" group was the largest percentile, but "Collector only" was zero. From that I would infer that "true" collectors are rare in our corner of the blogosphere, in that what we term collectors are really "accumulators" of the toys we like the best (it is so in my house). AND, we play with them, for the joy of shooting, or as tools for hunting.

My thanks to JayG & JimmyB for providing links which allowed some measure of data to be collected.

CORRECTION of ERROR of OMISSION: I forgot to add Squeaky who TWICE linked to the poll. Thanks lass...

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