Saturday, November 10, 2007

Promises Not Kept-

Count the .30-30 story among them.

Too damn busy doing other stuff, & I keep forgetting the stoopid picture.

I did however manage to get a pic of the old woman shooting a friend’s Uzi.

The gentleman referenced has "hired" my range on an annual basis to shoot his machine guns when he has the time. The short poop is that he’s become a friend of ours, & allows us to shoot his weapons when he comes up to play guns.

This one is a fairly new Uzi, select fire (i.e. full auto), VERY nice red dot sight (didn’t catch the brand), with a removable silencer, attached when this pic was taken.

How many PSH points does this garner?

BTW, I’ll GET that ’94 pic & I WILL tell the short tale.
For sure.
I’m not kidding…

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Anonymous said...

A short delay we hope.