Monday, November 12, 2007

Winchester ’94, circa 1950

My son lives in PA, but gets up to visit a few times a year. Last August he arrived, & I helped him unload the truck, bringing in his duffel, gun case, & misc. stuff. After settling in, he plunked a wrapped present on the kitchen table.

"What’s this?"
"Just a late Father’s day gift I had forgotten last trip."

Okay. I open the gift & contained therein was a 20 round box of Remington 170 grain cartridges in .30-30.

"Well, I always like to get ammo, but I don’t have a .30-30."
"You do now…"

(Click to biggerize)

He then presented me w/this little beauty- 1950 vintage according to the serial #, & in about 90% condition, I’d say.

Gotta love that kid…


Jay G said...

Hoo, boy, that's a right purty rifle...

How does she shoot?

doubletrouble said...

It IS purty, thanks.

Seems it was already sighted in for 50 yeards, which is where I like it for around here.

Three shots at ~1.5" @ 50 w/those very same Remington 170 gr rounds.
(Off my bench, w/a rest)

I'm good w/that.

Bruce said...

That one's a keeper.

So's the gun.

Anonymous said... last.
Dang that's nice.


doubletrouble said...

Thanks for waiting Skul 8^)