Monday, February 18, 2008


My son has again arrived in the nick of time to provide me with one of the neatest pest/small game arms extant.

(click for big)

Behold my "new" (circa 1975) Savage model 24 in .22LR over 20 gauge. I’ve wanted one of these since I realized they existed, but there was always an obstacle to achieving the goal. I’ve seen quite a few in .22/.410, & .22 mag/20ga, but seldom in my desired combination. When they did show up, the condition was lousy, or the price prohibitive.

That’s past now. I have my "woods gun" for ambling about the property & foiling the preemptive strikes of the critter nation.

Safe at last…


Anonymous said...

Well I see trouble did you well again, and ya its a nice gun.


paul the pirate (Yar!) said...

ooooh! Wicked Shahp!

doubletrouble said...

Ayuh. 'Tis.
Make some time & come shoot it...

He did good -again-, & I lourve it.
Heard you walked on some wings????

Anonymous said...

Looks like it needs a bit more 0000 steel wool. HA! I should know.


Anonymous said...

How's the trigger and lock-up?


doubletrouble said...

Piss off.. it's fine the way it is. It took its 1st walk today & it behaved jus' fine. I can't see nay more cosmetic issues anyhoo.

Yeah, I dunno about the trigger pull weight- not bad though, prolly ~5#.
Lockup is like a vault. SNICK.

Anonymous said...

O Man "Wing Walker" got me F'ed up. I have no clue who was flying the plane.


Anonymous said...

Must be nice DT.
For some reason I seem to remember they also made one chambered for 218 Bee. Any of you folks recall that?


Sailorcurt said...

Nice Rifle.

We had one of the .22/.410 models growing up. That gun took a lot of sqirrels, rabbits and doves.

It's still in the brother got it along with my Father's 870 Wingmaster. We worked out a deal...he got the two long guns and I got the three pistols.

But I digress...I have many fond memories of tromping through the fields and woods of my yute with that old Savage.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

She's a beaut, DT!

Range report forthcoming, perhaps?