Wednesday, April 16, 2008

G** Damned Press...

An article in the Union Leader today had a story about a bust in Kingston that netted some weed, pills, etc. I left a comment on the story on the Union Leader website, reproduced below.

I wish the hell the reporting folks could get things right once in a while…

Here's the money quote:

"Three rifles and a handgun were seized as well. Briggs said the pair had no permits to legally carry the firearms."

One reading this would come away with the notion that the firearms were illegally possessed.

While I am no supporter of drug trafficking and/or illegal use of firearms, the two statements above have no real connectivity. The evidence shows that the firearms were found on the premises. There is no law requiring a permit to own firearms in NH. The fact that the alleged miscreants had no permits to carry concealed has no bearing on the aforementioned fact of possession.

This is just another example of the press being loose with the facts, misleading the uninformed public to the opinion that we need to "do something" about guns, i.e. more laws "for the children".


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