Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Commenter Jumps Fence... (Updated)

and lands in blogland- try to scape some of that off your shoe before you come inside.

One of the commenter participants in our "NE Blogshoot ‘08" has decided try out this new fangled mode of communication.

Welcome Zeeke42 of the "Young and Crotchety".

Now that you have it, you’ll have to feed it, train it, & for Goddsakes- take it OUTSIDE when it needs to go…


OK, then there were TWO. Arcticelf has joined in with "Give Them What They Want".

Same advice as above AE!


Anonymous said...

We got ArcticElf too!

doubletrouble said...

Thanks Lissa-
Two in- two left to go; post updated.

drmac, Bran in MA?????
Where you at?