Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Shooty Time..

is coming up Sunday. I’ve been watching other folks’ decisions on inventory that will accompany them, & frankly, I’m at a loss.

What to do?

I guess I’ll go with the older stuff, so-

1898 Krag carbine
1903 Springfield
1903 Colt .32 pistol
1917 PO-8 Luger
1918 (1911) .45ACP pistol
‘50s vintage High Standard H-D Military
1951 ’94 Winchester

Hell, I might as well throw in a .44 magnum or two, even though they're "new".

Oh yeah, & although a reproduction,
1857 Napoleon cannon.

How’m I gonna get a trigger lock on that cannon???????


Ted said...

No need to trigger lock the Cannon - it doesn't have a trigger. ;-)

Of course, you could always just keep it in a Cannon Safe:

BTW, there isn't a single gun you listed that didn't have me wiping drool from my chin ...

doubletrouble said...

Well then ted, you'll jus' have to give 'em a test drive tomorrrow...

dr mac said...

The starting Cannon blast was definitively one of the highlights of the day, along with the hospitality of you and your wife. Thank you.