Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today at the Doubletrouble ranch a veritable hoard of crazy gun totin’ bloggers & commenters stormed ashore.

You can just imagine the bloodshed (with EVERYONE armed ‘n all) that befell my humble abode. Arguments breaking out, shooting at each other… um, no, wait…

I & the Mrs. had a most enjoyable day. Sure, it’s a little effort to host such a thing, but Jay G did all the organizing. The humidity was stifling, but did little to stifle the humor & good will of all in attendance. There was much talk (you’d expect something else at a BLOGGER meet?), & a LOT of hardware.

Sittin’ around with the group at lunchtime, it was difficult to keep food/drink in one’s mouth. Someone would say something, & BANG- someone else had a waggish response. Think spittin’ coffee/beer on you monitor when you read some of these folks.

There are hundreds of tales to be told (& I’m sure they will all be so on other blogs), but a funny moment was related to me by the Mrs.

Lissa was shooting a lever action .22 on the firing line with a bunch of other shooters. Now Lissa is new at shooting, & others on the line were letting go with big, noisy, centerfire rifles. She’s running the lever, pulling the trigger, & spewing live rounds all over the place from the ejection port. The Mrs. stopped her- "You aren’t shooting that rifle". Lissa- "I couldn’t feel the gun (it IS a .22) shoot, & it’s so noisy I couldn’t tell".


Please don’t be offended Lissa, but that’s funny, right there. And you WERE a good sport about it...

The bloggers:
Jay G
Weer'd Beard

The Readers:
drmac and wife
Brad in Ma

It was a GREAT time, & I thank Jay for putting it together, & all the participants for a really good day.

You folks are welcome at the Doubletrouble ranch anytime.

Special blogroll additions will commence tomorrow.


Jay G said...

Thanks so much for having us. It was really great of you and Deb to welcome this motley crew to your home and range.

Next year, more teletubbies. Fewer computers... :)

doubletrouble said...

It's all good lad...

JD said...

Thanks for having us, That was more fun than a man should be allowed to have. . . . hope the neighbors didn't mind a bit of noise.

= )

Liberty said...

Thanks so much. The long drive was well worth it and you were gracious hosts! There's something very special about spending an afternoon around good people having a good time!