Monday, November 3, 2008

Dewey Defeats Truman!

I am re-posting this entry with the conviction that this thing is NOT over until the people have spoken.
Go to the polls tomorrow & make your voice heard. We can, and will, win.
God Bless America.

In 1948, the Chicago Tribune thought it had it all figured out too.

How’d that work out for you Chicago effen Tribune? Anyone see a parallel?

Folks, it isn’t time to give up. Rachel has a stirring reminder, even if based in a fantasy world. Still, the conviction holds true: we must NOT give in to the enemy while still drawing breath.

Four years ago, just about this time of year, my bud Paul was visiting while letting his dog run over here at the homestead. He was PLENTY worried about the certain impending defeat of W, & the election of Kerry. Being in the gun business, a Kerry presidency would have been a disaster. The polls all indicated a double-digit defeat for “our” man; there wasn’t much room for optimism.

I asked him if he remembered Spiro Agnew’s “Silent Majority”. He did, but what the hell has that got to do with anything?

Simple- real Americans are still strong in this country, & see reality IN SPITE of what the media would have us believe. We’re not noisy, & we don’t have time to be in the streets chanting the socialist drivel that attracts the media. We’re not “popular” in the sense that every time we fart, there’s a media clown there to record the wondrous experience. We don’t have the alleged intellectual prowess of Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Madonna, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, et al; we just make up our minds for ourselves. So, I told Paul, we will be OK, & I was right.

This, BTW, is not to illustrate how wicked smaht I am politically, only to show that Americans are a stronger, smarter group than anyone believes. I just had faith in our countrymen. Remember the post-election red/blue county map from 2004? Who would’ve thought it possible at the end of October 2004? Just us Americans, and we told the world how it was going to be.

So lads & lasses of these here United States, buck up. Yeah, it’s a fight, but since when do you back away from the good fight? We don’t need an empty suit curtailing our rights & leading us into socialism, & we do need someone who will command respect from the rest of the world.

But what of all the “educated” media that know better than we do?

Give ‘em hell America.


TOTWTYTR said...

At to that the public fellatio being bestowed upon THE ONE by the lapdogs in the Lame Stream Media and the skewing of the polls. Rush (and others) have pointed out that the polls always seem to "tighten" as the election nears. The pollsters and media want us to keep coming back to them for information so after months of trying to convince us that one candidate or the other is running away with the election they "tighten" the polls to be closer to the reality in the last couple of weeks.

As some other bloggers have pointed out, it's important to watch the actions of the candidates because their poll numbers are closely held AND highly accurate. They can't afford to believe the media BS, they have to have accurate numbers. Obama and Biden are running like candidates in a very close race which their internals indicate they could loose. There is more than a hint of desperation in that campaign. That tells me that this is a very, very, tight race and not the blow out we're supposed to believe it is.

Remember that in 1984, Mondale was reported to have a double digit lead over Reagan. Mondale won Minnesota and Washington, DC for a total of 13 Electoral College votes.

Keep the faith.

doubletrouble said...

Your are correct T, & thanks for the re-enforcement.

We WILL keep the faith...