Sunday, November 2, 2008

AAR- McCain Rally in Peterborough, NH

Well, I figured getting there an hour early would be adequate; my plan was 100% FAIL.
We arrived on the site, after a few hundred yard walk from parking the truck, at 1530. The line already snaked around a couple buildings, & I was told the capacity of the hall in which it would be held was about 400. There were 3 times that many people when we got there.

The pick of Peterborough was interesting; having a McCain rally there is like having a Black Panther rally in a synagogue- kind of an incompatible demographic. P’boro is kind of artsy-fartsy, & definitely a lib stronghold. FWIW, I saw a surprising number of McCain/Palin signs in yards on the way up.

Aaaanyway, here’s a couple pics of the crowd when we got there. (click for big for all pics)

(Sarah got in the way of this shot...)

There were a number of O supporters (see above), generally being cool, but there were a couple of obnoxious types including one beyotch wearing a getup crudely made from an American flag. I had to restrain my self from delivering the dope slap she so richly deserved. I couldn’t honor her with a photograph.

These kids posed for me, as I couldn’t get a good shot otherwise- commendable thought expressed there.

A few small-town gunnies on hand as well.
The guy with the “no socialism” sign calls ‘em like he sees ‘em.

People kept arriving, but by 1645, there was still no sign of the Straight Talk Express. As the temperature dropped to about 33, Mrs. DT seemed to inexplicably lose her enthusiasm for the experience. We moseyed on over to the hall area, but all was blocked off, even to pedestrian traffic.

So- no sightings of the new President, but plenty of hootin’ ‘n hollerin’ for our guy. The crowd was enthusiastic; I certainly believe that will carry into the hall for the lucky (timely) 400.

I also believe that enthusiasm will carry across America on Tuesday.

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