Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Mauser Machine Pistol

is a wicked fun toy.

My bud Paul (of State Line Gun Shop fame) stopped by this afternoon to play guns. The beast he brought was this:

That’s a 1930s issue Mauser model 712, a variant of the C-96 Broomhandle, known as the “Schnellfeuer”. It’s a select fire pistol in .30 Mauser, with an attached stock/holster. The gun stores in the shoulder stock attachment, or can be fired sans stock- but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The cyclic rate is 900(!)rpm, & you really have to hang on to keep it anywhere near on target; a 20 round mag empties in 1.3 seconds.

This pic caught some of the full auto action, & I believe the two flashes in front of the muzzle are from two successive rounds- it’s that quick.

Coolest handgunnery thing I’ve ever shot…


Borepatch said...


Wonder what Winston Churchill would have thought about that one.

Anonymous said...

I'm officially jealous.


TOTWTYTR said...


Anonymous said...

I always thing of that “scruffy headed near header”, Luck Skywalker when I see that gun.

Also I love the free advertising for the "The Country Mile" on your T-shirt lol.