Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost Forgot (UPDATED!)

TOTWTYTR left a comment:

"...are you going to be at Fitchburg this weekend? All things being equal, I'll be making the trip..."

Why yes, yes we are. We'll be having a small set up, as the MA shows crimp our selling abilities (MA compliant guns only, etc.), & it seems there are more "fondlers" than buyers at MA shows vs. NH shows.

So, this Saturday 0900-1700, & Sunday 0900-1500, at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Fitchburg, MA.

GO here for $1 off admission & directions.

See ya there!

(and thanks for the reminder TOT...)

UPDATE: Borepatch maintains his status on the "non-bastid" list, along with #2 son. TOTWTYTR joins this venerable group by visiting the State Line tables at the show.

Well done lads, well done.

Will there be more "N-Bs" tomorrow? Stay tuned...


TOTWTYTR said...

You're welcome. The plan is Saturday or Sunday, with one potential glitch. My son and his girlfriend, fiance, whatever we're supposed to call it (I hate the 21st century) are expecting any day. And I mean any day as in today could be it. SWMBO has decreed that all will stop and we WILL drive to NJ to meet our first grand child. Priorities.

If that doesn't happen, I certainly plan to get up there.

Borepatch said...

#2 Son asked me if we were going to the "Halloween Gun Show."

Made my heart swell with fatherly pride, he did.