Thursday, October 15, 2009


Done deal.

Still got to put the roofing on, but the framing/sheathing is complete; just plain ran out of daylight today.

I’m glad God invented tractors, or I never would have been able to get this thing together myself. Getting the roof sheathing up (front wall is 8’ from the deck) was a bit scary: plywood hanging off the end of the bucket, & me kneeling on the (then) wiggly rafters trying to pull it into place.

My knees are now expressing their unhappiness at the day’s events.


BTW, those two bloggers, Jay G & Borepatch are pretty smart guys, don’t ya know. They offered to lend a hammer/hand after all the hammering was done.

(Just yankin’ the chain boys- thanks- I’ll take you up on it next time)


Now, mebbe an all weather, heated shootin’ stand would be good…

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Borepatch said...

It took a long time to perfect this sense of timing ...