Friday, December 4, 2009

He Posts!

As is with the big bloggers who don’t post too often, folks check daily to see when the Next Big Post will happen.

I’m sure the multitudes that follow my blog are equally fervent.

Well, here it is- cat blogging.

Just move along… nothing to see here.

So I walk into
Paul’s gun shop a couple weeks ago, & Chris (Paul’s son) says, “You wanna cat”?

Caught completely off guard, as I was thinking gunny thoughts, not feline, I says, “I’ll check with the wife”.

Now checking with the wife (mine anyway), about cat appropriation is like talking to Eskimos about a little extra warmth- it’s pretty much “yeah baby”.

Seems this critter had been hanging out near the store for a while, & Chris had taken her home in a fit of conscience to avoid having to shovel frozen cats from the storefront.

Good lad, he.

Annnyway, she’s now in the fam damily, & she’s acclimating well.

We’re calling her “CC”, which initially stood for Cougar Cat, as she has a mountain lion-like tail, but “Mountain Lion” was too much of a mouthful. I think “CC” now means Crazy Cat, as this youngster is completely out of her mind.

Too much time out in the cold, I’m guessing.

I'm throwing in a pic of her in a calmer moment- you cat folks will understand…


Borepatch said...

#2 Son really wanted a cat when our two died. So the Mrs. took him to the shelter to pick one out.

Turns out that in the 2 years since the cats died, the young lad's body decided that he was allergic to the beasts.

So he remains (sadly) catless.

bogie said...

What a cutie! Glad he found a good family to lord over :)

Anonymous said...

looks like a candidate for hehe.

Anonymous said...

'Bout time ya show up.
What's that cat doing?...
Pattin itself on the butt?
Kittehs are nuts.


libertyman said...

I'd say that cat had a lucky day!

Lissa said...

AWWWW!! KITTYKITTYKITTY pretty kitty come to mama purrrrrrrr :)

TOTWTYTR said...

Nice looking cat. As I've found out over the past few years they do grow on you.