Friday, December 11, 2009

You Want Gun Pr0n?

I’ll give you gun pr0n.

Feast thine eyes:

This is just one pic of many of the nicest, purtiest, pieces of hardware I’ve seen, since… forever.

A friend of mine is selling it, & this is not an advert for him, as I am a buyer for it until it gets too spendy for my moth-ridden wallet. Those that know me as a cheap-assed varmint (& they are correct) would be stunned at the level to which I have bid this item.

An 1873 first generation Colt SAA, built in 1884, impeccably refinished many years later. With carved ivory grips.

I held this puppy in my hand & something clicked, & I’m not sure what it was; probably my brain snapping back to a day when this gun was new, & I was its owner.

Dream on Alice.

If you’ve got the cake to drop on something like this, you would not be disappointed, & I will envy you to my last breath.

Did I mention the carved ivory grips?



Anonymous said...

Still six days to go on that beauty.
I can only emagine what the price will do in five.


Brad_in_MA said...

Wow . . . just wow. And remember what Gen. George S. Patton had to say about pistol grips . . . real grips are ivory. Only a pimp in a cheap New Orleans whore house would carry a pistol with pearl grips.

Borepatch said...

Holy smokes that's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't wait, had to look today.
Price has doubled.