Friday, January 8, 2010


I sent my new (to me) P238 away to the factory on Monday to fix an extraction issue.
This afternoon, I had to do set up for the fun show tomorrow, & when I returned there was a tag on my door from Fed-Excrement indicating a missed delivery.
So I called F-E to have it delivered to the gun shop, & a person from ?somewhere? speaking in a language faintly resembling English, told me NFW (I know it would be a wicked gamble to deliver a gun to a gun shop, but hey).


So now I wait until Monday.

The good part is Sig fixed & returned it in less than a week; the suck part is, well, you already know that part.

Performance report coming Monday, I hope...

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backwoods18235 said...

Thank goodness your Boss isn't a ball buster, cause what would you do if you couldn't get off of work on Monday???