Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gun Show Field Notes…

Seems that each show is more of a societal observation position than an exercise in retail.

Oh, we had a good sales weekend, & I again got the satisfaction of helping folks out with their gunny questions & guiding them toward their objective, but I gotta comment on the attendees (again).

I recognize that I’m a curmudgeon, but I saw enough metal stuck into people to make a WWI bayonet attack look like toothpicks at a garden party. Pierced ears, yeah, well, no big deal by now. Ears with what look like 1/2” washers stuck in them? Noses with sparkly spikes in them, or even better, barbed nose rings? One dude had what looked like about eight “spears” stuck through where his eyebrows ought to be, & pointy metal sticking out of his cheeks (on his face, to be clear).

And ink? There was enough ink on folks to run the friggin’ NY Times for a week.

I’ve got tats myself, but some of those viewed this weekend look like a toddler scrawling on a freshly painted wall with a crayon… I mean, what the hell are these representing?

What happened to “Mom”, "USMC", “Harley Davidson”, or even “Gina Forever”?


Oh, yeah, gun show.
Guns are good, m’kay?

On a less critical note, commenter Libertyman has been added to the coveted “NB” list; thanks for stopping by & chatting LM!


TOTWTYTR said...

You can't tell me that all those piercings and tattoos come into consideration when someone goes for a job interview. Really people, grow the f*** up.

I didn't get to the NH show, but am going to try to get to the one in Marlboro at the end of the month.

paul the pirate (Yar!) said...

Oh, now, it's a way for them to assert their individuality, so they can look like their friends and shit.

Someone who's going to stick metal in their foreheads or put bushings in their ears isn't going to be relied upon to make good decisions. Period.