Monday, January 11, 2010

It’s Baaaack…

Got my P238 back today. Actually, it came back Friday, but that story is below.

I have to give Sig kudos again; not only did they turn the repair around in one day, it now works perfectly. No charge for the fix (I’m not the original owner), free shipping label provided, & it was returned in a new case (I didn’t have one).

I only ran about 35 rounds through it, but after I scrounged up (most of) the empties, I noted that not one exhibited the dented mouth syndrome that was characteristic of the extraction problem.

The ammo used:
Fiocchi 95 gr. ball
Hornady Critical Defense 90 gr. FTX
Gold Dot Personal Protection 90 gr. GDHP
Winchester 95 gr. SXT
American Eagle 95 gr. ball

Extraction was a non-issue, nor were there any other failures of any kind with all brands of ammo. From a standing two-handed hold at 10 yards, I found the gun shot about 1” to the left & about ½” high to point of aim. The substantial sights are only adjustable for windage, but I can live with the ½” high. After I calculate the amount to drift the front sight, I should be good to go.

The 5 shot groups ranged from 2.1” to 4.1” with the 5 brands. Oddly, the best group, at 2.1” was the plain-jane Fiocchi ball. Go figure.

The P238 weighs in at just under a pound, fully loaded, so I’ll try to sweet talk the Mrs. into crafting a suitable pocket holster for this little beast.

I think the single thing I like best about this little pistol is that it's a shrunken 1911, my favorite service-size pistol. It's SA, can be carried cocked & locked (or hammer down on a loaded chamber), & all the controls are where they're supposed to be, albeit closer together.

I’m liking this.


It appears that this was a happy mouse gun day other places as well…


Lissa said...

Who's a good Sig? Huh?

You are! You're a good Sig!!

. . . so what are you naming it? :)

Anonymous said...

Good news is always welcome.
Sure was nice to see it get back to you so soon.
Happy shooting, DT.