Sunday, January 3, 2010

Northeast Blogger Meet 'n Eat

I believe I would be neglectful not mentioning the 2010 Wintah Northeast Gunblogger Meet ‘n Eat held last evening in Machvegas, NH. Simply, a good time was had by all.

I’m too lazy to do all the linky stuff, but Jay G, Borepatch, TOTWTYTR, JD, Scotaku, Marko, et al covered the proceedings quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. They’re all right there on the sidebar, so click as you see fit.

One thing not covered in the above was the fact that that pool hall/pub was probably the safest place to be in Manchester last night. Ladies & gents were sharing/showing their small bulges; it was a warm feeling indeed.

OK, I just re-read that & all you perverts can now leave the room.


And a final thought?
Scotaku put it best, “…each time is warmer and more full of laughter.”

I think that the more we hang together, the better we’ll be able to hang together…


Lissa said...

Okay, the bulges comment made me laugh :) Happy New Year's to yourself and to the lovely Mrs. Doubletrouble!

Jay G said...

Yeah, Jillian's was about the best-defended place in NH last Saturday night. I know I brought enough for 2... ;)

Thanks for coming, and for bringing Mrs. DT along with you. It's always great to see you two!