Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Maschinengewehr 08/15

(aka "Maxim Gun")

When we play guns around here, we play hard.

This is a MG08/15, a water-cooled 8mm squad machine gun; the terror of the killing fields in 1917.

This one is being brought back to life, & today was probably the first time that it has been fired in 75 years.

Unfortunately, we could get it to “gun”, but not “machine”. Consequently, it is the biggest, heaviest, single shot rifle you’ve ever seen.

Work continues, updates as progress is achieved.

But wow, watta gun.


backwoods18235 said...

Man I wish you had a video of this bad boy chopping down some water mellons!

Jay G said...

Holy guacamole, that's a neat lookin' heater...

Tam said...



Anonymous said...

That's a smile sittin' right there.


Wally said...

Absolutely amazingly awesome!

I missed out on a dewat 08/15 some months back. Still kicking myself hard over that one. Restoring & reactivating a dewat is one of my goals before I hit the grave.

staghounds said...

Many many years ago I had access to an '08, live, from a WWI vet who brought it back. It was haaaaaaard not to keep it, but it wasn't worth going to prison for. A museum has it now, and I'm certain it will never speak again.