Thursday, June 10, 2010

State Line Open House AAR

Well, better late than never.

Here we go:

Both parking lots were full, & so was most of RT31

Food tent & line

Folks hangin' out & chowin' down

Lil'est machine gunner of ever (rule #3 lad!)

K9 demo- that pup has JAWS

A happy door prize winner (izzatt a grin or what?)

Reloading clinic

Oh yeah- guns & reps

and more guns

and Eric's (the resident smith) "nail gun" (built @ SLGS)

The store was busy (& full)

The closing gun

By all appearances, everyone had a great time. We handed out eight door prizes per hour, went through about 550 hamburgers & hot dogs, many pounds of potato salad, & cases of soft drinks & water.

The winners of the S&W 1911, the Kahr CW9, Savage rifle, & Glock shooting kit grand prizes were somewhat pleased, to put it mildly.

The only item that cost anything to the visitor was the .22 Hammerli rifle raffle for the benefit of our town's K9 trooper; that raised $700 for our toothy cop about town. Our sincere thanks to all who participated.

Sadly, no NE blogshoot buddies or budettes were present this year-
you missed a good one folks...

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Lissa said...

Wish I coulda come, doubletrouble - it looks a helluva lot more fun than going to the dentist!