Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 3rd Annual NE Bloggershoot (UPDATED)

went swimmingly well.

I’m not going to report here, as others (BP for example) will do a much better job, & I’m a lazy bastard, but I will supply links as they are available.

I just want to say here that the camaraderie & “esprit de corps” exhibited by this group is unsurpassed in blogland history.

Annnnd, I’d like to thank all my bighearted guests for supplying us with an enormous amount of .380 ammo, ( & cookies & other, unnamed stuff) as gifts to the hosts. That was an amazing show of generosity, & it is much appreciated.

Folks have obviously responded to my whining about the lack of .380, so for the record, I now want to start whining about the dearth of 20 year old geisha girls around here. It is damn near impossible to get my hands on any locally, so if anyone is looking for “host gifts” next year…

Our thanks to you all.

UPDATE: Jay G has the scoop, & links to others- enjoy!


ZerCool said...

Well, it never hurts to start your research early for next year...

Dragon said...

Agreed...the camaraderie here was simply awesome. I left this evening with a profound sense of longing for next summer, and to see again the folks I've met today. The afternoon flew by, much too quickly, and I realized that I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone there, and I hope to make up for that next year, and get to talk to more folk.

You have my deepest thanks for opening up your home and hosting this gathering.

Warmest regards,

Dennis:aka Dragon

Jay G said...


Thank you, yet again, for opening up your home and your shiny new backstop to our motley group.

The Northeast bloggershoots would not, could not be as successful as they are were they held anywhere else.

Thank you, again, for everything. And I'm not just saying that because you freed my bayonet... :)

Borepatch said...

DoubleTrouble, I'd like to thank you again for hosting this. #2 Son's face almost cracked, he was smiling so much. The Mrs. had a great, great time. The quote of the Day goes to her, after she shot a Mosin M44:

Mrs. Borepatch: Ow!

Me: You want to try something different?

Mrs. Borepatch: No! [bang bang bang]

It simply wouldn't have happened without your (and Mrs. DoubleTrouble's) hospitality.

Anonymous said...

"you freed my bayonet"

Wow. That's pretty gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Paul, Dammit! said...

grumble grumble grumble. I sure do know how to miss a good time.

dr mac said...

Again, much thanks for your time, trouble, and hospitality given by you and yours to the invading masses who all had a great time.

libertyman said...

Mr and Mrs Doubletrouble -- many thanks for hosting the crew again this year. It was a pleasure to talk with you both, we will have to figure out another time and place to meet again. We'll get Jay working on it, as there was some talk of a repeat visit to Manchester. Anyway, thanks again, we literally had a "blast".