Friday, August 27, 2010

The Appleseed Shoot


It's a tough, grueling, shoot- not difficult, but demanding as hell. The instructors want you to do what they have taught you, & do it exactly as presented. The folks who worked the shoot were trying their best to give our motley (but enthusiastic) crew the best possible instruction in the fine art of riflery. For some, their efforts were rewarded- others, not so much.

We did have the ninja: suited up in a swat-style vest/jacket, replete with hydration system, mag pouches, 1st aid kit, knee pads, tank maintenance outfit, elbow pads, rocket launcher, pistol pouch, & all-purpose radio comms for TEOTWAWKI.
Well, maybe no rocket launcher, but you get the idea.
As a bonus, he brought a slew of rifles, none of which was sighted in for a range greater than 20 inches. Each time he couldn't shoot one to save his life, he bought out another in the same condition.
That worked out well.

The rest of the fourteen folks, by & large, were just trying to get an education of sorts, & it was provided.

I've been shooting a looong time, & I was stunned by how much I didn't know. I gotta recommend this program for folks who'd like to take their rifle shooting to the next level. We're talking epiphany stuff here.

Mrs. DT did very well, considering her limitations presented by the iron sights on her rifle. She also toughed out some of the positions that were obviously painful for her to achieve- even the shoot boss noted her gritty performance at the wrap up ceremonies. Her best score of the day was 208, one crummy shot away from her rifleman qualification- good show Homey!

I can now join the ranks of guys like this:

My best scores of the second day were 212, 213, 221, & 226; those familiar with the program will recognize that those numbers entitled me to this:

The Appleseed patch is the equivalent of shooting expert on the Army Qualification Test.

I cleaned the final Redcoat target at the end of the day.

Only one patch was awarded this training session.
Am I a little full of myself after this little exercise? YOU BETCHA!

AND, a little humbled as well?


God Bless America.

To read more about Appleseed, links here & here.


Nancy R. said...

This is something I'd like to do, but I am a bit intimidated. And I don't have a rifle. Yet.

TOTWTYTR said...

Congratulations! I took the program this spring but fell woefully short. Iron sights the first day were my downfall. I came back the second day with a scope on my 10/22 and improved a lot, but not quite enough.

Mrs. DT should go back, as I will. It's worth it. Even though I didn't qualify, I learned a ton about rifle shooting.

NancyR, don't be intimidated. If you can afford a $300.00 Ruger 10/22, you can attend and pass an Appleseed. That price assumes a new rifle with a reasonably priced scope. If you don't need a scope, it can be less.

It's a lot of fun, and the instructors are nothing but helpful. Some of the instructors at my class were women.

ZerCool said...

Congrats, and well done to both you and MrsDT. An Appleseed is definitely tough on the body; when I was instructing I'd tell people that an ibuprofen before bed and one in the morning wasn't a bad idea.

Ref the ninja: seems to be a growing issue as Appleseeds get more well-known. I had one at a shoot last year (Ross was there) that made me throw up my hands and walk away. Just remember, the problem is ALWAYS the rifle, because the ninja KNOWS how to shoot.

From a bench, bipod, or sandbag. With a high-powered scope. Using Q-targets at 25m. And darn it, that 10" group is AWESOME!

Ah well.

I'm glad you guys had fun, and I look forward to seeing a Rifleman patch on MrsDT's jacket next year.

doubletrouble said...

I hope I didn't make it sound like a torture session, but it IS physically demanding for someone (me) as old as Luke Skywalker.
No need to be intimidated, though; the AS people will work with you to get the job done. Like TOT says, a 10-22 set up as a Liberty Training Rifle will get you through on the cheap. Do get a scope though...

Thanks. Today I set up the Mrs.' rifle with scope & rings- she's shootin' AQT level (in the side yard) already. We're going back.

Thanks as well. See above- the Mrs. has the technique, but like me, can't see the target @ 400 yds.
That's fixed.
Gotta love them ninjas...

zeeke42 said...

"Do get a scope though..."

My advice is use iron sights unless you can't see the simulated 400yard targets. They need to be click adjustable aperture sights though (like the tech sights for the 10/22). The factory leaf sight on the 10/22 just isn't precise enough.

If your vision precludes using irons, by all means use a scope. Avoid too strong of magnification. For me anyway, shooting offhand with a high mag scope is no fun.

Great job to both you and Mrs DT. I really should go back and get the patch. I've been to a few appleseeds and been close, but couldn't quite get there before my eyes got too tired. I can pretty much shoot rifleman on demand now, so I just need to make the time. (A while back, I shot a 217 cold without having touched my rifle in a month or two.) It's amazing what shooting a season of gallery matches does for your trigger control.

TOTWTYTR said...


I shot the first day with my 10/22 and Tech Sights. By the end of the day I was ready to throw the rifle in the Concord River! Ross and I discussed it and we decided that at my age, with my craptastic eyesight, I just wasn't going to see the 400 yard targets well enough to do more than guess at where my rounds were going.

The second day, equipped with a 3-9x scope given to me by AD last year, I was getting much better grouping. Now, I just have to find the time to practice enough to maintain my semi adequate level of proficiency. Then, probably next spring, I'll go back.

zeeke42 said...

"at my age, with my craptastic eyesight"

If your eyesight could be described as 'craptastic', definitely use a scope. I think we're on the same page, sorry if my comment wasn't clear. I'm just saying that if you're young and have decent eyes (like I still do for now), give irons a try.

kyjam said...

I'm an AS instructor and welcome the positive feedback. It is demanding but the most fun you'll ever have. And you don't even have to spend $300. A Marlin 795 is around $125 and they have a rebate right now, so you spend $100 and then get a scope for $30 - $40. Be sure to check out what else to bring .

Wally said...

Can anyone recommend sights for a 10-22 ? Specifically I'm looking for something that mimics the M1 sight with a click-adjustable apperture.

doubletrouble said...

Tech-sights should do the trick.
They're great if you've got eyes that can still see...

Wally said...

Thanks DT, That will help and the price is very reasonable! Could have sworn I saw some that had knob-adjustable elevation and windage tho. But for an appleseed, it's not like trying to dope 200yard shots.

doubletrouble said...

Wally, drop me an email @ foxholsteratgmailcom

ZerCool said...

I'm in the same boat on eyesight. I used my A2 for part of an Appleseed and found that the 400m targets just weren't there.

Back to the bolt-action .22 with a 3-9 (dialed down to about 4x) and suddenly I could see again... imagine that!

Jay G said...

Still catching up on post-vacation reading - great job DT!!!