Thursday, October 28, 2010


Always on the prowl for new fun toys, my son & I attended a local firearm/blade/militaria auction last Saturday morning. This was the first for this particular auction house; we were (selfishly) hoping that the “newness” of the organization would mean lower than usual prices.

It did.

All kinds of good stuff there: pre ‘64 94s, Lugers, 1911s, a broomhandle Mauser, old Remington and S&W pistols, and many shooters as well as the collectibles.

There were a few handguns of interest to us, but nothing that we needed to take home. The lad captured a slick 10-22, SS, Mannlicher stock, w/4x32 scope, in LNIB condition. I won’t embarrass him by giving the cost, let’s just say the price was less than half of what these go for on GunBroker.

And the ammo. The auction house had apparently bought out the inventory from a retiring store owner; prices on most everything was about 40-50 cents on the dollar.
We stocked up. I just wish I had brought a wheelbarrow full of cash- there was no way I could buy everything I wanted, so I picked the most desired lots & called it good.


My personal score was an Ek fighting knife. I have a modest assembly of cutlery, but could never bring myself to get that spendy to fill the hole in my collection.
Hole filled, (sorta) cheap:

6.75” blade, 12.75 OAL, made in Richmond, Va.

Then I saw another knife for which I have no use. When the price stalled just silly low, I bought it.

Kinda cool- one of the ’80s vintage Benchmade knives, an (old) model 150 Bushmaster.

We made it most of the way through the auction, but by that time the two wallets full of Benjamins were empty.

Good day though…


bluesun said...


There's a gun show here this weekend, maybe I'll be able to find something good...

ZerCool said...

Those 10/22 Internationals are *amazing* rifles. MrsZ has one as well, stainless/gray laminate, and it is a tack-driver. Classic styling with 10/22 reliability - very tough to beat. If he ever wants to part with it, I'd love to put another in the safe.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, some folks have ALL the luck.

No 41 Mags this time?


Wilson said...

Sounds like a great day, nice score on that Ek. Congratulations!

Paul, Dammit! said...

oooh, shiny!

Looks kinda like a Gurkha blade!

Marko said...

If you ever want to sell that Benchmade Kukri locally, I'm in the market for one.