Sunday, January 9, 2011


Happy that I have new additions to the "not bastid" list.

Mopar & the Mrs. stopped by to visit our set up this morning. While we had the opportunity to visit last night at the NE Blogger gathering, it was nice to see them again at the show.
AND, they had to travel from the nether regions somewhere south of the People's Collective of MA to be here- dedication & drive, that's what it takes.

Libertyman has been upgraded to "NB 1st class" for his frequent visits to our shows- thanks, M.

Sad that the rest of you monkeys didn't make it- you're firmly ensconced on the "bastid" list now...

Also sad that I missed the Sig tour- I was working feverishly behind the State Line Gun Shop tables all day Saturday.


The gathering last night was cool; I wish the Mrs. & I had more time to enjoy the company. I had to get up again @ 0600 to get back to ManchVegas for the second day of the show- not a situation conducive to late night partying. It was good to see the NE gunnies again, so thanks, Jay, for pulling it together.

The Bloggershoot is not that far away, now.


Lissa said...

I really am gonna have to come back for that, aren't I? :)

Jay G said...

hangs his head in shame

Hey, are you guys going to make the Marlboro show at the end of the month? I will be stopping in for that, if for no other reason than to pick up some ammo from M&M...

mopar said...

Thanks for the upgrade, DT, and YES Lissa, you ARE! :)