Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boolits: Metric & For Sale

At the last NE Blogshoot, I was talking to one of the participants who mentioned that he collected oddball brass. I mentioned that I had a few metric designation .45ACP cases, & offered him one for his stash. I couldn't lay my hands on one quickly, so it was forgotten.
I found one today.
So, whoever that was (Zerc?, Liberty?), contact me & I'll send this one to you.

Part the deux.

I attended an auction last weekend, & bought a misc. lot of ammo. All was stuff I can use, with this exception:

These are .300 Savage rounds, of some unknown vintage. The Winchester box is the full 20, while the Sears box (made by Federal, & so marked), has only 7 rounds. They all look perfectly shoot-able, if a bit tarnished. The Ws are 180 grain, the FCs are 150 grain.
As I don't have a launcher for these, I'm offering them to any fellow gunnie who has a use for them. $10 +shipping takes them.

So, who's got an old model 99 that needs shootin'?


Old NFO said...

Damn, I don't think I've ever actually SEEN a metric .45 :-) Thanks!

libertyman said...

I will take the .300 Savage off your hands -- we can meet sometime to make the transfer. Sounds good. I have a Savage 99 in that caliber. I am not the one who talked about the metric .45. not sure who it might have been--- Wally?

wrm said...

I have a dandy model 99, but neither my government nor yours will allow the transfer of the ammo without more paperwork than either of us can imagine :-)

I have some metric 38 S&W somewhere, but never seen a metric 45.

Borepatch said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your and Mrs. DT!