Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ammo Review: Bulk

Steve from contacted me a while back, & asked if I’d be interested in testing one of his products. Free ammo, I’m in!

He inquired as to the type I’d like, & I suggested 9mm, as I have the most guns in that caliber. Thinking I’d get a box of FMJ, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a box of Fiocchi JHP in my requested weight of 124gr. The HP is reminiscent of the Hornady XTP bullet design:
First, the chronograph.
This ammo is advertised to reach 1180 fps, but I couldn’t get that speed out of three pistols.

Glock 17- 4.5" bbl
1135 hi, 1108 low, 1119 ave, std dev 10

Ruger P85- 4.5" bbl
1112 hi, 1067 low, 1085 ave, std dev 18

TZ75- 4.7" bbl
1118 hi, 1084 low, 1096 ave, std dev 13

The ammo felt strong, & the low SD is a good indicator of consistency.

The targets.
Shooting was done offhand at 10 (+/-) yards.

The Glock clearly liked this ammo; POA was dead center, & I'm pretty sure that flyer was my fault.

The Ruger wasn't quite as happy as the Glock, but acceptable given that I hadn't shot that pistol in over a year.

I didn't record the TZ on paper, as the accuracy of the pistol was lousy; I suspect the sights are way off the mark.

Just for grins, I was going to try the ammo in my old Luger pistol, but, of course, the side plate trigger linkage got all wonky & refused to cooperate- Murphy reigns.

I liked this ammo; it's JHP design is of a proven style for self defense, while the price point allows you to practice with the same ammo you would use in daily carry. I had no stoppages/malfunctions throughout the test in any of the guns.

Give this ammo a shot (!) in your piece.


Old NFO said...

Yep, I shot a box of Fiocchi and was surprised at how 'strong' it felt, didn't chrono it, and had the same basic results; Glock liked it, Browning didn't, and Kahr didn't...

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