Friday, February 10, 2012

From My Cold, Dead, Hands...

OK, yeah, now...

(Stolen from FB)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Balls 'O Steel

A friend of mine sends this note:

I've been meaning to write and say hello, and Happy New Year; it's been busy last two months. I had an interesting story since the last time I was up to see you. On Sunday, after shooting, I left (the airport). I spent the weekend at xxx's house. Late afternoon coming home in my plane, my wife and I were just south of Bradley at 5,000 feet. Nice flight, smooth. All of a sudden there was a strange noise, oil pressure dropping and temperature getting hot. I advised Bradley I was diverting to Meriden , CT. Things got worse. Oil coming out of engine came over the windshield. Smoke now entering the cabin. I was coming down somewhat blinded. Meriden was about ten miles to my south. Within a minute the engine seized. Now out of power, descending blind, it looked like a tough situation. I held course and best rate of descent for maximum glide. I was determined not to be a statistic. Bradley had a supervisor talking to me on the way down. I thought how often they do this in serious or fatal outcomes. I had a casual conversation with him on the way down. I even asked him if there was a decent hamburger joint near Meriden . As I descended below 2000 feet, I was below his radar coverage. He wished me luck and I was on my own. It was real different descending in silence. As I approached Meriden, I had little visibility out front. I made the field and rolled the plane over to align with the runway. Put the landing gear down and set it down safely. Plane was towed to a hanger and the FAA came to inspect. The cause was determined to be a Magneto separated off the engine. Oil quickly depleted and engine stopped. This is an extremely rare event. Well, I'm having a new engine ordered and should be back in the air by March. Just in time for some shooting! My wife may take a little more time to get up again. You never can tell what life has in store. Look forward to seeing you again. Best wishes

He's a better man than me, Gunga Din.
They'd have to surgically remove the seat cushion from my nether regions...