Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost Forgot (UPDATED!)

TOTWTYTR left a comment:

"...are you going to be at Fitchburg this weekend? All things being equal, I'll be making the trip..."

Why yes, yes we are. We'll be having a small set up, as the MA shows crimp our selling abilities (MA compliant guns only, etc.), & it seems there are more "fondlers" than buyers at MA shows vs. NH shows.

So, this Saturday 0900-1700, & Sunday 0900-1500, at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Fitchburg, MA.

GO here for $1 off admission & directions.

See ya there!

(and thanks for the reminder TOT...)

UPDATE: Borepatch maintains his status on the "non-bastid" list, along with #2 son. TOTWTYTR joins this venerable group by visiting the State Line tables at the show.

Well done lads, well done.

Will there be more "N-Bs" tomorrow? Stay tuned...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mini Vacation

Took off for a few days last week to visit my son down in PA. The strategy, loosely applied, was to drink beer, smoke cigars, & take a shot (!) at pheasant hunting.

I’m not a bird hunter, & I had some consternation on the idea of a “canned hunt”. The procedure at the hunt club we visited was to plant the birds in fields, then let the hunters & dogs loose to go find & shoot them. It didn’t sound very sporting to me, as I pictured 20 birds let loose on a football field, then shooters blasting away.

Hoo boy, was I wrong.

They do indeed let the birds loose, one at a time, scattered all over a couple fields of about 5 acres total. The BIG catch was that these fields in NO way resembled football fields, or even hay fields. Nope, these beauties were covered in weeds, grasses, pucker brush, thistles, & all manner of pointy vegetation ranging from knee high to head high. Much of the stuff was practically impenetrable to someone dressed in jeans (me).

The dog, thankfully, got through the stuff pretty well. As we combed through the fields, Sage, a pretty & personable Chesapeake Bay retriever, did her thing by finding the birds, flushing them, then doing her retriever bit.

And we did our thing, & came home with 14 birds.

Sage- tired but happy

Many thanks to son Dan, & his/my friends Brian & Ed (Sage’s dad), for a great (& soon delicious) time.

I think I'll do that again...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guardians of the Republic

Stewart Rhodes, founder of "Oath Keepers", gives Chris Matthews the what all...

Money quote:
"We swear an oath to the Constitution, not to a man, e
ven if he makes a thrill run up your leg when he talks."


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gun Show Precis

Another gun show come & gone. Fairly successful, although the "0bama Bounce" has taken a powder.

What was interesting was the amount of folks motivated by the murder/assault in Mont Vernon (NH) a week or so ago. People who had little gun knowledge were asking a lot of questions about what to buy for a similar contingency. We tried to spend as much time as possible giving folks guidance for their particular situation, and while it didn’t always result in a sale of hardware, at least folks know that we’re swell guys who will listen to them, give advice where appropriate, and guide them toward the correct purchase type for their application. I believe we have made new customers, if not today.

One other thing, none of my blogunnies showed up…


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Done deal.

Still got to put the roofing on, but the framing/sheathing is complete; just plain ran out of daylight today.

I’m glad God invented tractors, or I never would have been able to get this thing together myself. Getting the roof sheathing up (front wall is 8’ from the deck) was a bit scary: plywood hanging off the end of the bucket, & me kneeling on the (then) wiggly rafters trying to pull it into place.

My knees are now expressing their unhappiness at the day’s events.


BTW, those two bloggers, Jay G & Borepatch are pretty smart guys, don’t ya know. They offered to lend a hammer/hand after all the hammering was done.

(Just yankin’ the chain boys- thanks- I’ll take you up on it next time)


Now, mebbe an all weather, heated shootin’ stand would be good…

Gun Show, blah blah & etc.

Reader's Digest version:

Gun show.
Radisson Hotel, Manchester NH.
This Saturday & Sunday.

State Line Gun Shop (& I) will be there, & you should be too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting Closer...

That front wall was a beeeyotch getting into place though.

Walls & roof tomorrow...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too Rocky for Bloggy

My legion of reader(s) has doubtless perceived the paucity of input on this page.

I have an excuse! The dog ate my blog…err…no. Actually, I blame the Granite State.

See, I’ve initiated a project to build a small shed to house the Mrs.’ wood shavings for her horses, as well as storage for my son’s 4 wheeler. Hell, I’ve already built a barn & a few other outbuildings, how tough can a lil’ 8x16 shed be?

Plenty, depending on the site.

First, cut down the trees in the way; three were big enough to notch (i.e. needed to be felled, not just cut down), the rest were just cut & haul. Then, cut to length and/or dispose of the wood thus accumulated.

I’ve probably spent at least 20 hours just removing/moving granite out of the way. In the first pic below, the rocks behind & at the edge of the site were all in the way. The second pic is of a couple of big-ass ones that took the best part of a day to remove using the tractor, pry bars, chain, mattock, shovel, & miscellaneous pieces of lumber to get things going.

After all this, I still hadn’t actually BUILT anything.

When I started final leveling of the site…surprise! More “rock tops”, which as you have probably already guessed, were attached to more big honkin’ rocks.

Friday last, I got the base blocks ready to go, & got the frame spiked- the whole bottom of the deck is PT 4x4s.

Got the bottom framing done & the decking nailed on today.

Now that I’m free of the stupid planet, this thing should flow a whole lot more smoothly- I hope…