Friday, August 27, 2010

The Appleseed Shoot


It's a tough, grueling, shoot- not difficult, but demanding as hell. The instructors want you to do what they have taught you, & do it exactly as presented. The folks who worked the shoot were trying their best to give our motley (but enthusiastic) crew the best possible instruction in the fine art of riflery. For some, their efforts were rewarded- others, not so much.

We did have the ninja: suited up in a swat-style vest/jacket, replete with hydration system, mag pouches, 1st aid kit, knee pads, tank maintenance outfit, elbow pads, rocket launcher, pistol pouch, & all-purpose radio comms for TEOTWAWKI.
Well, maybe no rocket launcher, but you get the idea.
As a bonus, he brought a slew of rifles, none of which was sighted in for a range greater than 20 inches. Each time he couldn't shoot one to save his life, he bought out another in the same condition.
That worked out well.

The rest of the fourteen folks, by & large, were just trying to get an education of sorts, & it was provided.

I've been shooting a looong time, & I was stunned by how much I didn't know. I gotta recommend this program for folks who'd like to take their rifle shooting to the next level. We're talking epiphany stuff here.

Mrs. DT did very well, considering her limitations presented by the iron sights on her rifle. She also toughed out some of the positions that were obviously painful for her to achieve- even the shoot boss noted her gritty performance at the wrap up ceremonies. Her best score of the day was 208, one crummy shot away from her rifleman qualification- good show Homey!

I can now join the ranks of guys like this:

My best scores of the second day were 212, 213, 221, & 226; those familiar with the program will recognize that those numbers entitled me to this:

The Appleseed patch is the equivalent of shooting expert on the Army Qualification Test.

I cleaned the final Redcoat target at the end of the day.

Only one patch was awarded this training session.
Am I a little full of myself after this little exercise? YOU BETCHA!

AND, a little humbled as well?


God Bless America.

To read more about Appleseed, links here & here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday's Shoot Update w/Video

Kind commenter & NEBS bud Wally was kind enough to forward this video of last Saturday's shootapalooza.

Vid is a bit long, but the cannon's opening shot & subsequent mayhem is right up front. Check out the Tannerite explosions in the "office" set up...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Frog is This Who Lies at Rest...

Check out this little critter:

Here he's (she's?) sitting on the edge of my rain barrel, & that ginormous green thing next to him is a 5/8" diameter garden hose- he's maybe all of 1/2" long hisself.
I'm thinking it might be a spring peeper, but I don't know what he'd be doing around here in late August.
Any guesses?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Great Balls (to) Fire...

The cannon isn't exactly news, but the little pile of 2" cannon balls is.

As a result of the cannon fire at State Line Gun Shop's open house last June, I've been invited to a cannon/machine gun shoot tomorrow at a nearby gun club. There will be a stretch limo (!) there to shoot at, Tannerite targets, and an office setup, complete with desk, computer, shelving, potted plants, & such.

I was hesitant to attend, because as my regular reader knows, I find a bunch of folks playing with guns, machine guns, & cannon to be highly unsafe practices. BUT, I decided to untwist my panties & give it a go.

With a target-rich environment like that, I figured I needed projectiles for the big boomer. After much fluging around, I (actually the Mrs.) came up with a properly sized mold to use to make plaster balls. I wanted something that would mark it's spot on impact, as well as being degradable/non-ricocheting/only somewhat lethal.

Twenty minutes in the mold, & out pops a neat little ball the proper size to take a patch to snug to the bore.

Oh, & did I mention there will be a pig roast there as well? Heh.

This is going to be cool...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Say Tomato,

I say, LOOK at the SIZE of that thing...

This is one of the first "Brandywine" tomatoes from the auxiliary garden. The second garden is for overflow started plants that don't fit in the main garden, & in this case, to start an heirloom variety. The big garden has Roma for sauce, & Celebrity for general use. The Celebs are a great tomato, but they don't have the regrowth feature you get with heirlooms (heirloom varieties are able to re-create the same plant by saving the seeds from the fruit). BUT, they also have to be planted some distance from others so cross-pollination doesn't take place, ruining the heirloom characteristics.

This beauty is good sized, but there are bigger ones coming; you can bet the DT's will have mucho grande seeds for next year.

Thank you for attending this evening's horticultural lesson.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sure Could Use the Gipper Right Now...

to neutralize the libtards…

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The 3rd Annual NE Bloggershoot Video

Here it is- the long awaited Bloggershoot video.

Grab a beverage & enjoy!

Many thanks to Cheryl- this is a very professional production...

(right click to watch on You Tube- larger view)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 3rd Annual NE Bloggershoot (UPDATED)

went swimmingly well.

I’m not going to report here, as others (BP for example) will do a much better job, & I’m a lazy bastard, but I will supply links as they are available.

I just want to say here that the camaraderie & “esprit de corps” exhibited by this group is unsurpassed in blogland history.

Annnnd, I’d like to thank all my bighearted guests for supplying us with an enormous amount of .380 ammo, ( & cookies & other, unnamed stuff) as gifts to the hosts. That was an amazing show of generosity, & it is much appreciated.

Folks have obviously responded to my whining about the lack of .380, so for the record, I now want to start whining about the dearth of 20 year old geisha girls around here. It is damn near impossible to get my hands on any locally, so if anyone is looking for “host gifts” next year…

Our thanks to you all.

UPDATE: Jay G has the scoop, & links to others- enjoy!