Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Say Tomato,

I say, LOOK at the SIZE of that thing...

This is one of the first "Brandywine" tomatoes from the auxiliary garden. The second garden is for overflow started plants that don't fit in the main garden, & in this case, to start an heirloom variety. The big garden has Roma for sauce, & Celebrity for general use. The Celebs are a great tomato, but they don't have the regrowth feature you get with heirlooms (heirloom varieties are able to re-create the same plant by saving the seeds from the fruit). BUT, they also have to be planted some distance from others so cross-pollination doesn't take place, ruining the heirloom characteristics.

This beauty is good sized, but there are bigger ones coming; you can bet the DT's will have mucho grande seeds for next year.

Thank you for attending this evening's horticultural lesson.

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BobG said...

An excellent variety; large and good flavor. The heirlooms may not be as prolific as the modern varieties, but I think they have the best flavor. I always have at least two or three in my tomato garden.