Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Must Add to Blogroll...

Mike, of Mike-istan: AKA Mr. Fallacy, AKA Breda’s other half.

He has offered a bit of excellent logic regarding those (IMO) dumb-ass "COEXIST" bumper stickers.

He’s a smaht dude…

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What'jda Think?

Got a new keyboard yesterday-

the words look better today?

Friday, July 25, 2008

AND on the Third Day...

He returned.

I heard about this earlier today, but it's been linked a zillion times since then.

If you haven't yet read it, go now.

For Thine is the Power & the Glory...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fall in a Pile of Shit…

And come up smellin’ like a new truck.

I’ve got a 1999 Toyota Tacoma truck that I bought new (guess when). I’ve always thought of it as my “new” truck, as she still looks good, paint is shiny, & it always starts & gets me where I want to go (original battery too!).

I got a letter from Toyota USA last week indicating there may be some issues with the frames on trucks of my vintage. So off to the dealer I go, & sure enough, the frame’s got the STINKINGCRUDROT. That’s the bad (?) news.

The good news is that Toyota is buying back these trucks at 1.5x the Kelley Blue Book retail price, and all units are considered in excellent condition for this buyback.

So, here I am, with a damn near 10-year-old truck, & they’re going to give me the better part of $13k for it.

Happy crap like this doesn’t happen to me.

But y’know? I think I just might buy a new one for the $5k & change…

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Commenter Jumps Fence... (Updated)

and lands in blogland- try to scape some of that off your shoe before you come inside.

One of the commenter participants in our "NE Blogshoot ‘08" has decided try out this new fangled mode of communication.

Welcome Zeeke42 of the "Young and Crotchety".

Now that you have it, you’ll have to feed it, train it, & for Goddsakes- take it OUTSIDE when it needs to go…


OK, then there were TWO. Arcticelf has joined in with "Give Them What They Want".

Same advice as above AE!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Post Action Notes…

Sortin’ out the trash yesterday afternoon (we have to do that here), I was impressed with the sheer quantity of empty ammo boxes. Calibers with numbers from .22 to .45, & a shitton in between. Even with about half the total quantity somewhat crushed, they amounted to a 1/2 filled 33 gallon trash barrel!
Folks, that’s a lot of cardboard.

And the cool part? Much of what was fired was done so by someone other than those who brought it.

A side benefit/curse of hosting an event, are the leftovers.

I’ve got a lifetime supply of Gatorade.
Good supply of bottled water & soda.
Still eating the beef jerky (mmmm…)
Watermelon for breakfast, lunch & supper- good with the jerky for a balanced meal.

Peanuts- Peanuts- Peanuts!
I have enough brass to jumpstart the red metals economy were I to release it to the market.
I’m still munchin’ on Lissa’s cookies (mostly just crumbs now- 8^(.

Monday, July 21, 2008

You Have GOT to Read This...

Lissa was the noob at our little blogshoot yesterday, & she has written an essay that is stunning in its insight.

She learned all this in a few hours?

One smaht girl, right there...

New Link for Me?

In all this commotion about the Bloggershoot yesterday, I got a bunch of new links from the attendees (thank you one & all).

What I failed to note was a link to here from Breda! Here I am looking at the sitemeter & wondering why I was getting all these hits from Breda's place.

Thank you young lady, & hell yeah, Cleveland's not so far from NH...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bayonet Charge on Teletubbies


I just had to see what sort of linkage that title would offer...

Video here.


Today at the Doubletrouble ranch a veritable hoard of crazy gun totin’ bloggers & commenters stormed ashore.

You can just imagine the bloodshed (with EVERYONE armed ‘n all) that befell my humble abode. Arguments breaking out, shooting at each other… um, no, wait…

I & the Mrs. had a most enjoyable day. Sure, it’s a little effort to host such a thing, but Jay G did all the organizing. The humidity was stifling, but did little to stifle the humor & good will of all in attendance. There was much talk (you’d expect something else at a BLOGGER meet?), & a LOT of hardware.

Sittin’ around with the group at lunchtime, it was difficult to keep food/drink in one’s mouth. Someone would say something, & BANG- someone else had a waggish response. Think spittin’ coffee/beer on you monitor when you read some of these folks.

There are hundreds of tales to be told (& I’m sure they will all be so on other blogs), but a funny moment was related to me by the Mrs.

Lissa was shooting a lever action .22 on the firing line with a bunch of other shooters. Now Lissa is new at shooting, & others on the line were letting go with big, noisy, centerfire rifles. She’s running the lever, pulling the trigger, & spewing live rounds all over the place from the ejection port. The Mrs. stopped her- "You aren’t shooting that rifle". Lissa- "I couldn’t feel the gun (it IS a .22) shoot, & it’s so noisy I couldn’t tell".


Please don’t be offended Lissa, but that’s funny, right there. And you WERE a good sport about it...

The bloggers:
Jay G
Weer'd Beard

The Readers:
drmac and wife
Brad in Ma

It was a GREAT time, & I thank Jay for putting it together, & all the participants for a really good day.

You folks are welcome at the Doubletrouble ranch anytime.

Special blogroll additions will commence tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Shooty Time..

is coming up Sunday. I’ve been watching other folks’ decisions on inventory that will accompany them, & frankly, I’m at a loss.

What to do?

I guess I’ll go with the older stuff, so-

1898 Krag carbine
1903 Springfield
1903 Colt .32 pistol
1917 PO-8 Luger
1918 (1911) .45ACP pistol
‘50s vintage High Standard H-D Military
1951 ’94 Winchester

Hell, I might as well throw in a .44 magnum or two, even though they're "new".

Oh yeah, & although a reproduction,
1857 Napoleon cannon.

How’m I gonna get a trigger lock on that cannon???????



This is gonna be great!
In the new Obomination we'll all get more free money.

I wonder where he gets it all?


Thursday, July 3, 2008


the cannon will fire tomorrow.


Happy Independence Day to all!