Sunday, October 11, 2009

Too Rocky for Bloggy

My legion of reader(s) has doubtless perceived the paucity of input on this page.

I have an excuse! The dog ate my blog…err…no. Actually, I blame the Granite State.

See, I’ve initiated a project to build a small shed to house the Mrs.’ wood shavings for her horses, as well as storage for my son’s 4 wheeler. Hell, I’ve already built a barn & a few other outbuildings, how tough can a lil’ 8x16 shed be?

Plenty, depending on the site.

First, cut down the trees in the way; three were big enough to notch (i.e. needed to be felled, not just cut down), the rest were just cut & haul. Then, cut to length and/or dispose of the wood thus accumulated.

I’ve probably spent at least 20 hours just removing/moving granite out of the way. In the first pic below, the rocks behind & at the edge of the site were all in the way. The second pic is of a couple of big-ass ones that took the best part of a day to remove using the tractor, pry bars, chain, mattock, shovel, & miscellaneous pieces of lumber to get things going.

After all this, I still hadn’t actually BUILT anything.

When I started final leveling of the site…surprise! More “rock tops”, which as you have probably already guessed, were attached to more big honkin’ rocks.

Friday last, I got the base blocks ready to go, & got the frame spiked- the whole bottom of the deck is PT 4x4s.

Got the bottom framing done & the decking nailed on today.

Now that I’m free of the stupid planet, this thing should flow a whole lot more smoothly- I hope…


Borepatch said...

I think the reason for the population of Kansas is that people here figured they could farm somewhere where they didn't plow up rocks every spring.

militant_marmot said...

I wish you the best of luck. My dad and I built a 30X30 barn down here in Houston and the thing was a complete pain in the ***. Nothing went right as it was supposed to. I can sympathize with the rocks, though thank goodness we didn't have to deal with Granite!

paul the pirate (Yar!) said...

Hard to believe that NH and ME were America's breadbasket 200 years ago.

I've got the Mrs. partially convinced that a move to NH is a good idea! This is major progress. Now I need to see where in NH is a good place to start looking around for land...