Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Curse of Warming...

(not the global kind, you blockhead).

The melting is nice ‘n all, but problems arise when the rough ice & snow dissolves on the ice pack underneath, resulting in a nice smooth surface. Makes for some schlippery walkin’ I’m here to tell ya.

I was recently removing the battery from the plow truck, and as I was walking to the garage I did the cartoon “fast feet” routine. I was right at the entrance of the garage, & quickly thought “don’t let the battery smack on the cement floor- it’ll crack the case”. So I did the intelligent thing, & kept my hand under it to cushion the blow. Everyone remembers how heavy large 12v batteries are I’m guessing.

After I unbent my wedding ring with pump pliers, I managed to wash the loose skin & dirt from the resultant road rash. Nothing broken, but you coulda fooled me at the time.

Annnyway, I know better to leave the slippery surfaces untreated. Folks that burn wood already know that the ashes are an excellent traction aid. This is a mechanical, thermal, & chemical fix. Mechanical because the ashes are tiny, sharp little critters that grab the ice even better than sand. Thermal just due to the dark color attracting the suns heat, thus helping to melt the base. The chemical property is attributed to the potassium salts in the wood ash.

Knowing this, the garagineer wheels began to spin.

I rummaged around until I found an old drop spreader I salvaged from the dump (excuse me, “recycling center”). I drilled out the spreading holes to 3/8” & filled up the hopper with ashes.

Now I get a nice 20” wide walking path, thus sparing the old bones & attached hide from further damage.

WARNING: To maintain domestic tranquility, make sure your shoes are clean before entering the abode; the downside of the ash spreading is nasty stuff being tracked into living areas if one isn’t careful.
Don’t ask me how I know…


Anonymous said...

OK, DT, I won't ask how you know.
Thought of you last night when I got home from work. Just turned the corner to the drive and eight nice WT deer ran in front of the car.
Good thing to see, and, the beer tasted better too.


JD said...

been there, slipped on that, got the t-shirt

Jay G said...

Thought I told you we needed a flamethrower?