Friday, February 5, 2010

"Breaking" News...

Could be interesting.

Last Wednesday evening, Jim Treacher (aka Sean Medlock), was hit by a government owned SUV piloted by one Mike McGuinn, an agent with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service.

Sean was hit well enough to gain some new modifications to his hide, mash his vision gear, as well as breaking his knee. He is currently in Georgetown University Hospital in DC.

There is all kinds of weirdness associated with the accident, all coming from the government end.

Now if a “regular” citizen was injured, even with gross fault of the, nothing more would be heard by the public. But this time, the had the witlessness to run into a blogger, one of some distinction no less.

So now, not only is the Daily Caller all over this, but Instapundit, Ameripundit, Hot Air, Ace, Tucker Carlson (Sean’s boss), & others are seeking the truth of the matter.

Go to Treacher’s place to follow links & updates.

This may not pass as quietly as the would wish…

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