Friday, May 28, 2010

Here I Come to Save the Daaay-

It’s Borepaaatch, All the Way…

Last Wednesday, this here computer went all wonky on me. Popups, weird links, other crap. What to do? (besides panic)?

I called my bud Borepatch (don’t try this at home- he’s a friend of mine & a really good shot). He gave me some suggestions, which I followed.


I used my resident AVG scanner, & it reported “8 bells, & all is well”.

Then I used the Microsoft evil software finder thingy, & it let me know that there were “no infections found”.

Go to the Borepatch site, on my friend’s suggestion. There, under the “security” tag, was a recommendation for Malware Bytes.

Downloaded it, ran it, & it found 28 “infections”, which contained them, & deleted after I followed the instructions. 40 minutes for the entire removal/scan process- can’t beat that with a stick.

I’m a happy camper.

Thanks MalwareBytes.

Thanks, BP.

1 comment:

Borepatch said...

Glad to help, and to see you're back in the saddle.

And as tech support, I'll have to post my curry recipe ... ;-)