Friday, March 25, 2011

"I'll Eat Like a King"

Moment of turkey realization:

(make big to check out turkey "expression")

I gotta give it to lil' Couger, he's got balls- those turkeys outweigh him 2:1.


ZerCool said...

Eat like a king, and squeal like a pig. Them birds don't mess around!

BobG said...

I remember in my teens once when I and my parents had been gone for the day and came home to see the backyard covered with fur, blood, and feathers. In one corner, our Siamese tabby was chewing on a rooster pheasant. They had evidently had a helluva battle in the back yard. She had some good gouges from his beak and spurs, but was the winner. That would have been an interesting match to watch.

dr mac said...

Just saw 5 of them crossing the driveway yesterday. Next, where are the coyotes ?

Lissa said...

Nice! Next thing you know he'll be chasing bears up trees :)