Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks Again,

I’m usually a pretty healthy guy, but the one thing that has been a 20-year pain in my life is occasional flares of gout. Those that have had the opportunity to experience this delightful phenomenon know what kind of pain I’m talking about.

A couple years ago, my Good Doctor told me about colchicine, a relatively cheap medication to alleviate the symptoms of an attack as it begins. I was ecstatic; no more incapacitation due to this foul condition.

Enter the Feds.

My doc advised me yesterday that the generic drug has been pulled from the market due to a FDA ruling. That leaves only the “brand” name version- the price of which is 50X more than the commonly used variety (10 cents vs. $5 per pill).

Ben Franklin was a gout sufferer, & in 1820 or thereabouts he brought back info from Europe on an “autumn crocus extract” which became the drug colchicine. It’s been used since then to lessen the pain for the afflicted.

1820. Do you suppose that predates the FDA?

When your only tool is a hammer…

Sons ‘o bitches.


Skul said...

A budy of mine gets hit with gout every now and then.
He swears by Black Cherry juice, if you can find it.

BobG said...

As someone who has suffered from gout over 20 years, I know where your coming from. I've found that juices high in antioxidants help. Black cherry works is in this group. My favorite is cranberry juice, which seems to help me a lot. I also keep a stash of colchicine in case of emergencies.