Sunday, June 12, 2011

BEAR! (& Bunny)

My bud Paul wanted to get a little surprise gift for his bride after her return home from a trip. I'm guessing she won't be anticipating anything like this:

He hired a chainsaw wielding carving guy to carve a bear into a monster stump he had in his backyard. Pretty cool, eh?

Not wanting the bear to feel all lonesome, the guy added the bunny to a shorter stump near Mr. Bear:

That's a cool talent to own. If I tried something like that, I'd have to put up a sign so folks would know what the hell they were looking at.

Sometimes "awesome" is the right word.


Wilson said...

That is a cool talent to have. I couldn’t do that good with a chisel, let lone a running chainsaw.

Anonymous said...

There might be something more to that combination of critters?

Caution, Naughty word in the text!