Monday, August 1, 2011

Tomatoes Gone Wild

Just like "Girls Gone Wild", except,, it's not the same.

But still- these are big honkin' tomato plants I'm here to tell ya. While the snow-capped beauty isn't as long as Nancy or Tam, these plants are starin' at 7 feet, so far.

I hope that somewhere in the foliage there are some actual tomatoes.


BobG said...

Time to start pinching back some of the growing tips, and cut back slightly on the water. That will push them into trying to reproduce.

Lissa said...

My tomatoes keep falling prey to fungus :-( I finally broke down and started spraying them.

doubletrouble said...

These "Brandywine" tomatoes have a penchant for huge. They're an "heirloom" variety; maybe that's why they grow like weeds. In reality, there are a bunch of green ones hidden in there.

I'd not like a fungus among us, but we've got hawn worms again this year...