Sunday, December 4, 2011

For Borepatch, et al.

We were at the bastion of political discourse yesterday (aka, the dump), doing the unloading thing, when I noted a pickup with transfer lettering across the back window.

As I was in agreement with the sentiment displayed, I inquired with one of the friendly dump guys (not all are, BTW) as to the owner of said vehicle. He said it was his, so I shook his hand & gave him a “well done”.

A few minutes later, he strolls over & presents me with the very same transfer for application to my truck, which I immediately applied, after appropriate observations of appreciation for his gift.

The message emblazoned thereon immediately brought my buddy Borepatch to mind:

Vote 'em all out

It pays to be nice to the dump guys.

Also, now I have to remove Bruce's sticker, he's an incumbent...


Borepatch said...

Great ideas turn up everywhere, even at the dump.

Maybe *especially* at the dump!

bluesun said...

I like it. It's all inclusive, and non discriminatory!

Old NFO said...

Dammit, he stole my slogan... :-) Except mine is RE-Elect = NONE

Jay G said...


doubletrouble said...

If anyone wants one, call Jim Patterson @
Patterson Sign Co
726 Elm St, Milford, NH 03055
(603) 672-1602

I don't know prices.

Steve said...

I know just the truck your talking about and the couple of unfriendly guys who work there. Most days I feel like I live in the middle of moonbat central, people think I'm full of crap when I tell them the dump has an instruction manual. That guy gives me hope, and the dirty looks I get for my right wing hate machine truck are fun too.

bogie said...

Friends of ours gave us "Reward congres, Re-elect Noone" bumper stickers last July. WS has it on his truck (I don't put bumper stickers on my vehicle, but I'm of the same sentiment).