Friday, February 22, 2008

Thanks for Gittin' 'er Done...

Lest we again get all forgetful & such of the actual day...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Father of our Country,

General George Washington.

Thank you Mr. President.

Now, go stare at a $1 bill...

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Lead scouts.

There’s a brigade of squirrels staging to attack.

Humans unite!

We MUST repel the attack of rodentia!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln...

Back in the day we used to celebrate Lincoln's & Washington's birthdays as separate events.

Now, so as not to EXCLUDE anyone, we celebrate President's Day next Monday.


Happy LINCOLN'S birthday!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Of Mice and More Mice…

Over at his place, Marko has mouse catching tales (tails?). He thinks he’s got the population down to the last one, but I’m here to tell ya that there’s never just “one more”.

We thought, when we moved here, that the few field mice running around were due to the house being uninhabited for awhile. Good enough- we got the traps & had at them. Caught quite a few, then they stopped showing up in the traps.

Good job, well done.

BUT… fourteen years later were still trying to catch that LAST one. He’s damn elusive, & resourceful.

This pic is of the air cleaner element from the wife’s Rav4. The little demons regularly work their way into the air cleaner, but the element keeps them from going further. Well, used to anyway.

The Rav was running poorly, & the throttle was acting weird. I checked out the linkage, lubed everything up, still NG. Then the throttle body was opened & bingo! A huge handful of mouse nest.

Cars run better without rodents.

That LAST one is proving to be a mighty bitch…

CRAP!!! again...


Well, the Republican choices are down to three.

This is disgusting...

To paraphrase the predicament-

Here is the menu: turd sandwich on rye, turd sandwich on wheat, or turd sandwich on white. Your choice, same price.