Monday, October 29, 2007

Poll Again!- @#^$&*@#

I don’t know why, but the "Blogpoll" poll I had up went Tango Uniform on me. I was getting feedback that the thing had disappeared, but I could see it on my page.

I’ve dumped the other one, & re-created it using a "Blogger" poll.

If you could, please vote even if you had voted before.

This poll only lasts a week, so let’s git ‘er done!

Thanks again…


Jay G said...

Voted. Again. Same as last time.

Hey, BTW... If'n you're up for some late season shootin', I'm picking up a new (to me) toy next month... *g*

doubletrouble said...

I TOLL ya-

When you got the time, I got the, er, shootin' range.

Anytime (mostly).

No need to brin' the 336, one now lives here since we last talked.

I WOULD like to try yer new "auto 20" however...