Saturday, April 12, 2008

No Blood for Oil, ergo, No Food for Fuel?

Haiti's government falls after food riots.

"Disturbances over high food prices have broken out in several poor countries, primarily in Africa. Record oil prices, rising demand for food in Asia, the use of farmland and crops for biofuels and other factors such as market speculation have pushed up food prices worldwide." (RTWT here)

So I know what let’s do, let’s make fuel from corn! It will only use up a little more energy than is produced, but we’ll all feel so G R E E N!
What a cool idea!


Those short-sighted green types & the idiot politicians that agree with them are gonna fuck up the entire civilization of this planet, I swear.


Anonymous said...

"fuck up the entire civilization of this planet"

I believe that is listed in the job disciption of the Politians Handbook, DT.


Anonymous said...

Well, the fact is that Brazil converted to E85 or whatever it was back in the SEVENTIES. The have started using oil again when it was dirt cheap and now I believe are moving back to E85. They were essentially self sufficient for fuel.

If a 3rd world (almost) country like Brazil can do it, why can't we? And I don't care what the studies paid for by Exxon and Texaco say, it does not (obviously, see Brazil) take almost as much energy to grow one gallon of corn fuel....

PS. And we (I) care about riots in Haiti.... why?