Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gimme Some ‘O That Earth Day…

At the doubletrouble ranch, April is logging month. I make an earnest effort to get the trees felled, twiched out, bucked, & split before the invasion of the winged blood suckers, otherwise known as blackflies. Additionally, felling a tree that is in full bloom presents a number of other problems, most notably the "sail" effect in the wind, where a fairly light wind can throw the tree from where it was planned to go. Also, cleanup of all those leaves is a bitch- they’re heavy when green. So, no leaves, no bugs, April is it.

This is the stump of my latest takedown. Note the 12" ruler for scale. That bad boy was 35" across the widest part, & was a PIMA to cut with my 18" bar on the saw. Sixty-six feet high to the canopy as measured with my rangefinder- nice crash when it landed. It went where I aimed it, but it still took me all day today to get it out of the woods, topped, & ready to process.

Go hug that tree hippie!


Paul, Dammit! said...

Something that big- have you got a skidder, too?

doubletrouble said...

Nope, no skidder. Just the 4wd tractor.

That's WHY it takes me all day to get it out of the woods!

Anonymous said...

You could just buy OIL to heat your home the $hard$ way.


doubletrouble said...

Nuh huh.

You're right though BW, it IS the $hard$ way.

Thing is, I got more time than $$, but more $$ than brains.

Just bought oil last week- a $500 bill for 125 gals.

Anonymous said...

As a new Home owner, I called for a fill about two weeks ago and that ran me $890.00.

So now I am looking to get either a coal pot stove, or a wood camper.